Dirty Products

About This Project

The Challenge:

NO-BS Nutrition developed a pre workout solution that is conducive to short run, just in time production. In addition to manufacturing challenges, the company developed several versions of the product that provided separate advantages, based on the users needs. The products were in need of on-demand labeling and promotional materials as well as a look and feel that aligned the separate products as a product line. Manufacturing costs for this start-up business did not allow for large scale production of materials. Product owners were not aware of which materials and sales collateral materials were the best solution for their market and needed support in design and market testing that would fit within a strained budget.


The Solution:

A product brand that adjusted colors based off of market segments.  Just in time labeling with UV finishing gave a high quality look while allowing for short run production. Sales collateral material was developed to sit along side products in make shift displays in retail and gym locations. Those materials were durable and consistent with the packaging. They reiterate the products advantages and were a size that was convenient for consumers to take with them when exposed to the product in an impulse situation.