HorsePower Untamed Package

About This Project

The Challenge:

NO-BS Nutrition developed a pre workout solution that is conducive to short run, just in time production. In addition to manufacturing challenges, the company developed several versions of the product that provided separate advantages, based on the users needs. The products were in need of on-demand labeling and promotional materials as well as a look and feel that aligned the separate products as a product line. Manufacturing costs for this start-up business did not allow for large scale production of materials. Product owners were not aware of which materials and sales collateral materials were the best solution for their market and needed support in design and market testing that would fit within a strained budget.


The Solution:

The solution for Continental was to rebrand the program, heavily cleanse the population and implement a service team that focused on the constant interaction and enhancement of their participant base. By leveraging every communications capability into a comprehensive program, Continental was able to drastically increase the efficiency of the program, provide analytical data, cleanse participant data, clarify ROI on each program participant and provide a platform to begin growing participation and implementing advocacy nation wide. This program represents the culmination of what The Graphics Source, powered by Spectra Incentives, has to offer and this card does not offer enough canvas to fully describe the breadth and depth of return and success that the program has resulted in.