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21 Nov 5 Tips for Buying Printing in Columbia SC


Print buyers sometimes have a very difficult job. Balancing the requirements of their business needs with a cost effective printing solution that is delivered on time can be difficult without a great relationship with a commercial printer.

Not every printer is created equally. If your company is seeking a commercial printer who will see you as more than a job, you may have a difficult time in finding the right company. Some commercial printers offer a full marketing solution that is more than just a print job, but they are truly concerned with how the printed pieces they supply are being used and how effective they are. You need an innovative printer that understand what works and doesn’t work for your business. You need a printer who delivers jobs on a strict deadline that you can count on, and you need a printer who will be an effective long-term partner to help you succeed in your business goals.

1. Meeting tight deadlines

One of the most important parts of selecting a commercial printer in Columbia SC is can that printer deliver your job on time, every time? Can you trust your printer to come through in the clutch?

2. Consider Your Finishing Options

Cost is a huge factor in every printing job. There are so many finishing options for printed materials and they all add up to more cost. You can save money by limiting colors, ordering high quantities to save on each individual piece, or by choosing different finishing options. A good commercial printer will help you get a beautiful piece of marketing collateral while staying within your printing budget and delivering it on time.

3. How to save on print delivery:

Using a local printer save you costly shipping charges and ensures that you can hold your commercial printer accountable. Many times the cost of shipping from out of state will negate any savings you may have had on cheaper printing and in many cases it will cost even more after the print is shipped. You must take into consideration that print materials can be very heavy and very costly to ship. Many local printers deliver to your business and for rush jobs, picking up from your local printer is easy!
4. Don’t let cost be the only deciding factor for print buying 

This is always an interesting one. There are cut rate printers every where, but as with any industry, you get what you pay for. Every marketing piece that you give out to a potential customer says something about your company from your business card to your letterhead to your brochures and signs. Going with cheap printers and cheap materials can make you look cheap. In today’s modern competitive world, image is everything. Graphics Source in Columbia can help you establish an amazing image that translates into business growth.

5. Versatility 

As print buying requires a great amount of trust, it works in your favor to have a printer who is versatile that can print anything that your company needs. Graphics Source offers all types of printing from signs and banners to brochures and business cards, to letterhead, envelopes, wide format printing and vehicle wraps.

These are just a few important tips when it comes to print buying and selecting a commercial printer in Columbia SC. Graphics Source is a trusted partner of some of the biggest companies in South Carolina, and we’re ready to help you with your next print job.

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